Dog DNA Test Kit by Wisdom Panel

The Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit is one of Wisdom PanelĀ® Insights’ product offerings for dog owners. This kit allows you to easily determine your dogs’ breed, to enable you to develop an informed behavior-training plan for your dog.dog.

Some of the benefits for dog owners include:
-Gaining in-depth knowledge of the breed’s behavior such as digging or gnawing
-Establishing a training and care program suitable for your dog.
-Create effective play and exercises that will fully engage the dog and complement its idiosyncrasies.
-Develop a nutrition regimen that will meet your dog’s diet needs.

Some of the most important features include:
-A through manual that describes how Wisdom Panel’s lab tests are conducted.
-An easy to understand informational pamphlet that explains to you the sample collection process
-2 cotton swabs to collect your dog’s DNA sample.
-A form to submit details about the dog
-A shipping envelop that is pre-paid for posting the breed’s DNA samples to Wisdom Panel

Something all dog owners will like is the fact that they will find this test kit very easy to use. The instructions are given in a clear, step-by-step sequence. All that is required is for you to swab slightly the breed’s cheeks, place the swab in the protective cover that comes with the kit, then enclose it in the pre-paid envelop. You will also fill out a quick sample that indicates the name of your breed(s) (if known) and its date of birth.

The Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kits is regarded as the most accurate testing tool of it’s kind. The test results that are returned to you have an attractive graph that indicates the various breeds in your dog’s heritage. The degree of certaintity to which the breeds have been identified is also included. And Wisdom Panel even includes information about the behavioral tendencies of various breeds.

Wisdom Panel features a comprehensive database of dog breeds from most areas of the globe. In fact, their database features 170 kinds of breeds. This means that rather than receiving a report on a match that is nearest to your dog’s breed, you will get a more accurate report. A lot of the other kits tend to test for the nearest match which often times gives you a false result.

We found Wisdom Panel provided excellent customer service. Because the kit is very easy to use, it unlikely that dog owners are going to have an unsatisfactory experience with the sampling process. Once you send in the samples, the results get back to you in about 2 weeks with an emailed PDF document.

One caveat is that users looking for a very detailed report might not get one from Wisdom Panel. The chart results are quite simple and do not provide any scientific explanation concerning your breed.

Most consumers of the Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit reported that it is everything that is advertised. If you or someone you would like to buy a gift for is looking to see what type of dog breed they own, Wisdom Panel is a good choice. Total rating for the kit is 4 out of 5.

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